It’s Time To Remember Our Humanity

I have to admit, I’m not feeling entirely creative these days. As such, I thought seriously about not writing at all this morning (evidenced by the delayed email). I suspect most people are experiencing a wide range of emotions as we all try to process exactly what is going on, how long it will last and what the longer-term effects might be. And yet, not a single person on this planet can answer any of these questions at present.

In giving myself a little pep talk this morning, I recognized that others might gain a sliver or two of perspective if I shared a couple of ideas. For better or worse, keeping in mind this is just one guy’s opinion, here are a few random thoughts.

Changing Our Lens

Let’s remember that for most of us reading this blog, it’s really not our own health or that of our kids that we should be most concerned with (unless of course there are pre-existing conditions). We need to switch our thinking from protecting ourselves to protecting our more aged loved ones. All of our decisions on physical contact – or lack thereof – should be governed through this lens.

An Antidote For Disconnection?

A new friend said to me yesterday “Isn’t it possible this could end up being an antidote to what was a growing problem of disconnection in our society?”. Forced isolation shows us just how much we need each other in so many ways. Yes we can hop on the phone or a Zoom meeting but it’s never the same as the energy we feel in the presence of live human beings. I sincerely hope this whole crazy situation reminds us to stop hiding behind our screens (and in the process, permitting ourselves behaviour we would never permit in person). When this is all over, let’s find more ways to get together in person, sharing a laugh, a hug and positive energy.

Shoring Up A Flawed Global Health System

The fact that this virus reached a pandemic stage is evidence of a flawed global health system. And frankly, it is also evidence of global disconnection. I don’t want to diminish for a second the wide-reaching implications of this pandemic or the fact that people are losing loved ones. That said, if our global health system were to be tested with an actual pandemic to reveal the broken parts of the infrastructure, thank god we’re not dealing with a far more deadly outbreak. I can only hope that, when this is over, global health authorities examine the broken parts of the system and work diligently to repair them. We know pandemics are simply a part of human history. Let’s make sure we’re ready for the next one.

Choosing Our Mentality

We all have a choice. We could become self-focused and anxiety-ridden, which leads to a pattern of incessant rumination. Or we could decide to embrace the positive aspects of our situation – namely, the added time with family, the ability to have deeper conversations with others, a break in the chaotic pace of life, the ability to spend a little more time thinking and re-evaluating our paths in life….the list goes on and on. It’s pretty clear what the right choice is!

Rebuilding Human Connection

Yes, I’d reckon we’re still in the early stages of this craziness. But we have an opportunity to once again unearth and embrace the depth of the human spirit. It tends to reveal itself in powerful ways during times of crisis. In all of us is a deep instinct to rely on each other for comfort and survival. We don’t have to wait for government policy to start rebuilding interconnectedness in our communities.

Wishing everyone stays safe, and keeps a little perspective through these crazy times!



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