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All the answers are not here, nor do they reside anywhere…Well, that’s not entirely true. They reside within you, not outside of you. Therefore, one person can never provide all the answers for another. In fact, they can’t provide a single one. You have to do the heavy lifting to find your own truths, your own answers. And even then, a lifetime is simply not enough time to search the vastness of your heart and soul to find all of your answers.


This morning I got an email from a supposed “guru” who makes 8 figures a year selling online training. An excerpt read “But suddenly, when the camera turned on, I could only think about ONE thing… You.

To say that this is drivel would be an insult to drivel. And yet, this particular individual is lauded as one of the biggest successes of the online revolution. The masses are hungry for bombastic and financially successful people to simply tell them what to do. Why? Because the world is noisier and more full of rhetoric than ever before. It’s hard to blame anyone for being confused and in dire need of direction.

Be Careful Of Being Sold A Bill Of Goods

There are many gurus online and otherwise who will sell you this same bill of goods in one form or another – “Click here for the answer to this”, “Practice this and live your best life”. It’s such utter bullshit. But you have to admit, there was a reason you clicked through. The idea that there are truths deliciously ripe for the picking off of some universal tree of wisdom is incredibly seductive. And there is no shortage of gurus who will tell you that you need only read this book or take that course to do so. The reality is that humans are hardwired to seek the path from point A to point B which requires the least amount of effort.

Unfortunately the reality is far less alluring. Of course you need to read books. Of course formal education can uncover truths hibernating in your soul. Wisdom can be gleaned from other people willing to share their struggles and triumphs. Sometimes, as it turns out, you’ll find others who have traveled parallel paths who can offer incredibly well-timed insights that strike you right between the eyes. Make no mistake, others can illuminate and inform truths hidden in your soul. But it is irresponsible for anyone to tell you that they have the answer to anything for you. That part is your responsibility and ultimately your choice.

Weak-Mindedness Is Today’s Affliction. Don’t Fall In Line!

It’s unfortunate that many of us have become so weak-minded that we willingly succumb to the manipulation of the “gurus”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish to bash the weak-minded. That would be callous and hypocritical of me. It’s easy to be weak-minded. Far easier than being firmly rooted in our own values, beliefs and truths.

We can become comfortably numb, travelling like a feather on the wind of other people’s truths. I know this because I spent a good chunk of my life in this state. Often we are seduced by those who speak the loudest and with the most conviction. Follow these people’s paths once too often and you start to figure out where this path leads. Nowhere would actually be kind. It leads to hopelessness and despair. Not a destination you would choose.

Your Life Puzzle

I’ve begun to look at life a bit like a 5000 piece puzzle without a well-defined image. When you start out, progress can be mind-numbingly slow. You might find a few pieces that go together here and there but you have no concept of the bigger picture. As you pain-stakingly assemble more and more pieces over time, suddenly the image becomes much better defined. When your vision finally becomes focused on what you’re creating, you find a rush of adrenaline and energy to keep moving forward. The puzzle pieces are your truths and the image is your future. Except nobody hands you these pieces and the image is never fully complete. It’s a tricky assignment to say the least.

At the risk of sounding contradictory, I will offer some advice. Question everything, especially from the loudest voices. History is riddled with people who have made fortunes from praying on the weak. And because of the internet, more of them have found a soapbox than ever before.  Find your own BS filter and run everything through it. If something strikes you as off, it is off…to YOU. If the masses disagree, who gives a fuck? Nothing interesting was ever created by conformists.

Truth Is Never Easy, Nor Should It Be

And make no mistake, finding your own truths should NOT be easy. In fact, it’s damn hard. If I had a dollar for every time I chose the easy path and ended up disappointed or worse,  I’d be a much richer man.  I certainly won’t insult your intelligence by spouting any BS about spending all morning thinking of YOU to try and sell some “INSANE” online training.

I’ll be very clear in my motives. I’m simply hoping that you might come alongside me for a short walk. In doing so, maybe you’ll find the inner strength to find your own truths. I do know one thing. The world simply becomes a better place for everyone when people are firmly rooted in their own values. So maybe it’s selfish motivation. At least that’s far more believable.

If you’re at the earlier stages of your life puzzle, you might be more susceptible to those “gurus” out there. I’d encourage you to resist accepting anything as gospel if it hasn’t been proven out in your own experience. If you’ve assembled enough of the pieces to bring fuzzy clarity to your future image, keep moving ahead, powered by that surge of adrenaline that only your personal truth can bring. And remember, you will never reach your “destination”. In fact, it may disappoint you to realize that a destination in the purest sense doesn’t exist.  But the world is separated into two groups of people; Those who decide it’s entirely too much effort to keep striving to find their personal truths, and those who realize that this difficulty is exactly what makes the game so much fun. I’ll leave it to you to decide.


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