The Little Things

Just Another Day

It’s 1:15 am, technically on Boxing Day, but it’s really just a prolonged Christmas Day! Three minutes ago I realized that tomorrow… is Thursday. Holy shit! Tomorrow’s blog day…wait that’s today…

When I was forced to think about the subject of this blog post, it didn’t take long. Today was just another day. It was Christmas Day, but it was really just another day. And yet, today was kind of awesome. As I ran through the mental tape of Christmas Day 2019, I thought about a few of the moments that etched my memory. And, though not every one of the memorable moments would fall naturally into the category of “awesome”, it didn’t take long to find a theme.


It was being suddenly surrounded by noisy children as I tried unsuccessfully to finish my morning pee in privacy.

It was a silly comment I made to #3Wagner which was well-intentioned (I swear!) but careless and it made him cry….damn I felt badly about that…

It was my youngest guy, taking his brand new bike outside, hearing me say “buddy those tires need air” three times before I had to run after him, only to hear his candid/devious response (You pick!) “Dad, I didn’t know you meant now!”.

It was the delicious breakfast casseroles (I don’t understand why these things  can’t be a year round staple!).

It was the camaraderie I caught in flashes between my many children.

It was the little snuggle my beautiful wife gave me as we stood around our busy kitchen island shortly after everyone arrived.

It was the once a year eucre game between my father-in-law and two uncles-in-law that got finished for the first time in about 5 years before the dinner call.

And it was an evening full of freedom as I reminded myself that I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow…today!

Fleeting Moments

The older I get, the more convinced I become that life happens in fleeting moments. It really is just the little things. When we have the good moments, even if they happen in only a fraction of a second, we need to hang on to them. They’re the ones that steer us back into our current.

I hope you find time and space to experience many such fleeting moments in the quieter days to come!




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