Your Authentic Voice – Lessons Learned The Hard Way – Part 2

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Lesson Two – Tuning In To Your Authentic Voice

Your Authentic Voice is your pathway to the infinite. The very definition of authenticity is listening to and acting on your authentic voice.

What Exactly Is Your Authentic Voice?

Your Authentic Voice comes from the deep recesses of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is constantly sending signals to your conscious mind. The problem is that our lives are so filled with noise that we often lose the signal. Think of your conscious mind as an old-fashioned clock radio tuner. You have to turn that little dial to the perfect spot  in order to hear the signal loud and clear. The very definition of authenticity is tuning in, interpreting, and acting on that signal.

How Do you Find Your Station?

If you don’t believe you’ve found your signal, the obvious question you will ask is how to find it? How do you find your station? This isn’t an exact science but you have the benefit of learning from my rather extensive experimentation with trial and error. While I’m far from an organizational genius, I can still map my own journey into a process. I see four distinct steps to help you tune in with precision:

1) Trust That Your Signal Exists

I don’t know much but I do know that everyone has a signal. If you haven’t tuned in for a while you may be hearing a lot of confusing static. But in order to re-establish the link to your subconscious authentic voice, you first must trust that it exists. Nothing weakens a signal more than not believing it’s there. Have faith that it’s there and you can find it with a little effort.

2) Schedule Time for Silence

Silence is like the battery charger for our brains. It is entirely necessary to quiet rumination…and rumination is what causes the static in our minds.

I once asked a very wise old man what he ultimately wanted for his children. His answer surprised me but it resonates to this day. He said “I wanted them to learn to love silence”. Give yourself space and decompression time. Whether that’s meditation, time in nature, yoga, massage, pottery….whatever. Find time when you can turn off the world. It kind of speaks with a loud voice these days and there is entirely too much talking…..too much talking.

3) Use The Energy Method

I’d like all of you who are still paying attention to do me a favour. It’s actually ridiculously simple but curiously effective. Over the next month, just record the instances after which you feel a rush of energy and perhaps even “flow”. Keep in mind that flow always gets the highest ratings. Conversely, record when you feel drained and lethargic. What has happened? What patters are emerging? It’s actually pretty crazy that many of us have gotten so far away from ourselves that we even need to practice the energy method at all. But I can tell you that there is nothing better to calibrate your dial. The tuner is getting closer to the signal.

4) Find Wisdom In Your Life-Defining Moments

Take a few hours and mentally walk through the major crossroads in your life – those decisions when you knew you had come to the end of one road and it was time to choose a new one. What did you believe were your options at the time? What decisions did you make? Knowing what you know now, were there any biases or blind spots that were holding you back? Regardless of the outcomes, with the same information today, would you make the same decisions? If you were to write a children’s book on these major life turning points, what would be the moral of the story?

As much as you can, try to answer these questions through the lens of an unbiased observer. If you can’t get there, talk through this with a very close friend or family member who was intimately aware of your choices at these crossroads.  The energy method is all about tuning back in subjectively. This process simply juxtaposes the objective view. The point is to find as much wisdom as you can in the recurring themes that inform what your authentic voice is actually saying to you.

How  Do You Know You’ve Found The Right Signal?

The ultimate litmus test for whether or not you have found your authentic voice is also rather simple. If you’ve truly tuned in loud and clear you will inevitably feel a rush of fear. But recognize this fear is actually your friend. Anything worth doing should inspire a flash of fear in you.

How Long Does It Take?

This process might take a little while, or it might not take much time at all. It depends on how strong your signal is and how close your dial already is to your station. But keep it in your conscious thoughts, and never question whether your signal exists. You might already know what it is and my guess is that many of you are already close.

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